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RMP Infotec - Best business opportunity for Indians

Areas of Income & Benifits

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Areas of Income & Benifits
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Unlike other companies, RMP has options of multiple incomes and benifits.


Incomes :

  1. E commerce
  2. Pair bonus

Benefits :

  1. Monthly - Royalty income
  2. Interest free - Bike loan
  3. Interest free -Laptop loan
  4. Interest free -Car loan
  5. 100 % sponsered - Foreign trip
  6. Benz Fund








Eligibility – Incentive

A person after buying the starter kit package from the company will become a  Distributor.
Distributor has to introduce two persons directly in his first level  by selling the packages, then any one of the introduced Distributor has to sell one package then the distributor will be eligible for Incentives.
The commission is calculated on PV(pair value) basis left andright side).
For every sale of package done by the Distributor 50PV is allotted.
To qualify for the incentive, Distributor should have at least 150PV in their structure with a .minimum of 50PV on both sides.
There after every package sales of binary pair left and right side) will receive approximately 100PV..(1PV=Rs.10/-)
Every Friday midnight will be sales closing period.



The maximum payout per week for a distributor will be 13000PV(130 pairs).
1 x 1000 = 1000
2 x 1000 = 2000
4 x 1000 = 4000
    Trimming will be applicable if necessary.



   There are ranges of A~Z products with different categories updated periodically.  This e-commerce will have an unique incentive plan in the ratio of 1:3   Product prices are less than MRP.   Distributor will be eligible for individual PV’s and up line PV’s for the purchase of product.   Compensation cut-off will take place for every month.


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