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This page will present a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to MLM bussiness

What is MLM?

MLM (Multilevel marketing or network marketing) is a way of distributing or selling products through a chain of direct distributors rather than through traditional retail shops or showrooms.

How do we earn in  MLM ?

Each distributor has two basic jobs: (1) to recruit more distributors and (2) to sell the company's products as an independent distributor.

Every new distributor into the organization recruits his or her own distributors. As a result the recruiter eventually develops a hierarchical substructure known as a downline .

Each distributor gets commissions for his or her own direct recruits. Distributors also make a commission on the indirect recruits done by their downline. They also get performance benifits for reaching certain levels.

Since each distributor profits not only from direct recruits but also indirect recruits by downline, it is to the advantage of the distributor to guide and help those below to succeed.


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Avoidable mistake #1: Sending sales packages to "cold lists."
Avoidable mistake #2: Not following-up with your prospects!
Avoidable mistake #3: Mailing more than one offer to your prospect.
Avoidable mistake #4: Refusing To Spend Money On Training.
Avoidable mistake #5: Being Damn Lazy.

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