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RMP Infotec - Best business opportunity for Indians

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Steps to become a Distributor of RMP:
  1. Make a Demand Draft for the the product you have selected from the MLM Products list.
  2. Click on   below
  3.  Duly fill in the Registration form.
  4. Once all data is entered , click Submit. 
  5. You can either wait for reply, or email, or call 09880433220 directly.
  6. Post the DD to the specified address, you will get the Distributorship, trackid, username, etc.
  7. Visit , click members, enter YOUR USERNAME and PASSWORD, you will see your TREE, where you can start your business.
  8. You can now start introducing people and earn commissions of Rs. 1,000 for every 2 Persons (1 Left + 1 Right) joining below you, introduced by you or your TEAM.



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